Seeking Advice On My Investor Cold Email

Aram J. Barnett
2 min readDec 1, 2020

Hello 👋🏾,

I’m thinking on raising a round of funding for my company Powerboard and I wanted to get public feedback on the cold email I intend on sending to investors.

I would greatly appreciate it if you read the email, leave feedback in the comments, and share this with colleagues or friends who are VC professionals so they can read and leave their feedback.




My name is Aram, and I am the CEO of Powerboard. Powerboard is a social media application that lets gamers post and analyze their in game performance, create and manage esport teams and tournaments, and track their rankings on a local to global level in Triple A games.

Traction and numbers:

  • Officially launched July 2020
  • Recently started monetizing users
  • Estimated Q4 revenue: $3.6k
  • Estimated December mrr: $2k
  • +100% MoM growth
  • Global TAM: $7B ($1T entertainment market globally)
  • Number of employees: 4 in San Francisco, 2 in Buenos Aires
  • 100% organic growth
  • $0 spent on customer acquisition

You can check out more details in our short deck here.

I am raising a round of funding for Powerboard to reach new users and customers faster, experiment and iterate on monetizable features, and create more value for our users as we pursue product market fit.

I’d love to tell you more over a 30min call. Do you have any time next week?


Aram Barnett

CEO | Powerboard |



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