We’ve Launched The Vanimals Developer Program.

Build Something Cool With Vanimals!

Aram J. Barnett
3 min readMay 6, 2019
A Vanimals AR game featuring Ari the Axolotl. What will you create?

TL;DR we’re launching a network of interconnected video games and platforms for gamers to control their in game assets and transport them into any game or platform within our network. We’re offering developers who build with Vanimals rev split from ads, a percentage of sales, and game analytics . Sign up at https://www.vanimals.co/developer-portal to apply!

Why We Exist

Gamers have thousands of items across hundreds of games on dozens of platforms and accounts. These items are siloed and controlled by the developers who can delete them at will. Gamers have no control over the items they’ve earned or purchased.

We want to give players the ability to control and access all their items from one account. Players should be able to trade, sell, and transport their items whenever and wherever they want. We started Vanimals to do just that. Our first step to achieving this goal was to launch the first of many interconnected applications on the Vanimals network which we achieved last month. Our application is available in the iOS app store called “Vanimals”. The characters and items featured in our application are the first of billions of items that will exist in our network

The next step to achieving our goal is to grow our existing franchise to learn about player behavior and developer needs. We’ve created a set of character assets, attributes and a story which we hope will spur the creativity of our developers.

What We’re Offering Developers

We’re scaling up our network of games. We need developers to build games which integrate current Vanimal assets and services.

We will be giving developers access to our Vanimal Account Service (VAS) which allows developers to interact and integrate our services into their game including our authentication service for player login, player and item data, as well as access to all art assets. VAS is still being tested and the feedback we get from developers will allow to know what to prioritize and add next.

Although the games you build do not need to feature Vanimals, priority will be given to those games that integrate our assets and characters into their games. We’re offering some great incentives and services for developers who are accepted into our program.

1. The best ad revenue split in the industry

For mobile developers, generating ad revenue is extremely important to your business. Current publishers, we believe, take an absurd amount of the ad rev share. We’re determined to be the industry leader on the ad split between publisher and developer and offering up to 70%* of the ad revenue split to the developer.

2. Analytics on player base

As the network expands, we share data about players to give you actionable insights into how you can improve your game to keep players engaged. We are currently testing a new service for gamers to port their existing game data into our network which will supercharge our analytics service and give you, the developer, deep insight into your player base.

3. Percentage of sales

Sell Vanimals, cosmetics, and power ups to your player base and get a percentage of revenue generated. Currently in development this will allow developers an additional source of revenue.

4. Marketing and branding help

Build the game and we’ll get it into users’ hands. We’ll leverage our existing network of connections and partners to get you featured on platforms that are relevant to your player base. We’re here to help you and your game get popular because if you win, we all win.

How To Get Involved

Apply for the developer program here. A team member will reach out to you for a phone call to do a deep dive into your project and how you intend on integrating Vanimals into your new or existing game.

Where We Are Going

Our first stop is Vanimal Planet but we’re going to galactic scale

We are going to build a platform that makes every video game item and character transferable between any game, platform, or player.

Come Join Us!

*Ad revenue split is determined on a case by case basis.



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